Anniversary Goal is Set!


As my one year anniversary approaches since I started Weight Watchers Online I have set my last goal until I hit my anniversary weigh in. I have tried to keep my goals realistic and I am excited to set my eyes on this new goal. I have lost 125 lbs to-date and have set my new goal to be down 138 lbs by Jan 9th, 2015. My anniversary would actually be Jan 12th but the 9th is the closet weigh in date to that one year marker.

I have chosen that number based on my weekly weight loss average and taking into account that it will be through the Christmas holidays. Previously it would be typical for me to gain 13 lbs over the holidays so this year will be an exciting time and well worth a celebration on January 9th when I reverse that pattern.

It is exciting to think I will be starting 2015 with less than 40 lbs to lose before I can put this all in the past and focus on the new me! I still sit here most days and can’t believe what I have accomplished in such a short time. Nothing like going from sitting around waiting to die to being hungry for life and all the adventures life may bring.

Thank you Weight Watchers Online – I love you

A much smaller Robynne Devine

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