Goals I set for myself!


I have been feeling a little lost since I completed my first half-marathon in October. I have continued to run and have started back into workouts for my core and arms. I have registered to run in the Vancouver Island Running Association (VIRA) series which will have 7 races over the south island between January to April, one of which is a half marathon. I have joined the Frontrunners Athletic Club to continue to get my hills and speed work done.  I have found myself struggling to attend these nights though, with the clinic now done, most people in the club are quite fast so they end up having to wait for me.  This is an issue I need to get over because I can only get stronger and faster if I go.  It’s not a matter of being lazy, I am actually mad and frustrated when I don’t end up going, I want to be there but lately have been feeling a little insecure I guess. With all the negative and frustrating times lately I have tried to increase my visits to the Moksha Yoga Westshore studio, nothing helps me more when I am feeling down or frustrated than an hour on my mat at this beautiful place.  Yoga has been a life saver for me, it not only helps with conditioning and stretching but mentally it is what resets my way of thinking.

I am definitely someone that needs a goal to focus on to feel like I am working towards something.  I have my Tough Mudder in June 2016, which will be awesome and that is one of the reasons I am trying to focus on my core and upper body strength as well. But I have decided that I will sign up for the Frontrunners Half Marathon clinic.  I know I will do a half in VIRAs but for some reason that isn’t enough for me. I need that clinic to put me on a program to constantly be increasing my workouts.  I have decided I will do an additional half in May but I haven’t decided if that will be the BMO in Vancouver or the Oak Bay in Victoria.  It will probably come down to what I can afford with Tough Mudder in June it may not be feasible to do a half in Vancouver as well.  But I instantly feel better just knowing I will be doing a clinic and giving myself a goal to work towards.

I will also be doing the TC10K this spring which will be cool because that was my first run I did after completing my first run clinic.  Having that clinic to teach me how to train and to be at peak conditioning on that day changed my running experiences for life.  This year I will be in the middle of some heavy training for my half marathon but I will still look to slash my time from last year.

I have found a similar trend with my weight loss.  I have sitting at 175lbs for a couple weeks now, with an end goal of 174lbs I now have tried to focus more on just maintaining what I have.  To be completely honest, I even hit 174lbs one morning but didn’t consider myself “reached goal weight” because it wasn’t a weigh in at a Weight Watchers meeting.  I have been pretty miserable every since, I should have celebrated like I would have previous to attending meetings.  I am sure this week I will hit my goal weight again and when it happens you will all know about it. 🙂  I have thought a lot about why I have been feeling the way I have and I have decided that I need to go back to what works for me.  I lost 200lbs from home and this last 3lbs have been tough, as expected, but when I do shed that last 1lbs, it will be a home weigh in and that is enough for me. I am so grateful for the nice people I have met at the meetings but I need to go back to what works for me.  Feeling shitting about yourself after losing 203lbs, is just wrong, so I am taking control and doing it my way again.


Published by robynnedevine

I am a strong confident woman. I am a mom of 3 three amazing children, married to my BFF of 25 years, who loves weight training, yoga, hiking, cycling, and sometimes still the odd run. I am currently completing a MA in Interdisciplinary Studies with a specialization in Leadership in Organizational Culture at Royal Roads University, which will be completed in January 2020. I am currently working in higher education for BCcampus as a Project Manager for Collaborative Projects. I lead a coaching community of practice at my workplace which I developed as part of my Masters. I dabble a bit in coaching outside of work but will likely do more as I complete my Masters. I have big goals for myself, there are no limits to what is possible.

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