Down 206lbs – Time for Reflection!


Last night, for the first time, I sat down and re-read all of my blogs since the day I started Weight Watchers online. It was an emotional moment for me. I started on my first blog. To read how cautious I was about the start of my journey and so afraid to fail is a reminder of how far I have come. This is why I have very few pictures of me from back then. I avoided cameras and there was no way I was going to do a “before” picture, after all what if I wasn’t successful? Then to jump to my one year anniversary in January 2015 when I had lost 141lbs, this was a huge moment for me.  This is when I realized that my original goal of getting down to 200lbs was not only going to happen but it was the first time I realized that I can actually aim higher than that and make a new goal of hitting 174lbs which is what they say is my ideal weight for my height (5′ 10″). I still remember that day, such an awesome feeling.  I noted in the same blog several things I wanted to experience during 2015, some I have done, others haven’t happened yet but I have done even more than I had dreamed in 2015. I got to fly to Toronto twice, once for work and then once for a contest I won, “Refresh you Run” with Brooks. Both trips were amazing for very different reasons. In 2015 I figured out how to be a runner, I have become a yogi, I paddle boarded, I kayaked, I went down watersides, did a Tough Mudder, ran several races but most importantly I ran my first half marathon.

I am ending 2015 down 206lbs and only a few weeks away from getting my lifetime membership with Weight Watchers.  I have started the process to try and get rid of my excess skin.  This skin issue is not about vanity, it’s about quality of life and my health.  I am really hoping that I get some support from the Health Minister on this, so far I have not heard from anyone at their office.  I am pretty certain I will at least have the tummy tuck approved but if I am ever going to considering running a full marathon I need to get the skin issues dealt with completely.  This will be my main focus for much of 2016.

Losing 206lbs is more than just losing the weight and being healthy, it’s regaining your confidence, learning to love for yourself again and the best part is figuring out who you REALLY are.  I now realize that for years, I wasn’t living, I was merely existing. I am so grateful to myself for giving myself another chance to live life, to watch my kids grow up into the beautiful young adults they are becoming. There is so much more I want to see and do, every day is a gift and I plan to take advantage of each day.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Published by robynnedevine

I am a strong confident woman. I am a mom of 3 three amazing children, married to my BFF of 25 years, who loves weight training, yoga, hiking, cycling, and sometimes still the odd run. I am currently completing a MA in Interdisciplinary Studies with a specialization in Leadership in Organizational Culture at Royal Roads University, which will be completed in January 2020. I am currently working in higher education for BCcampus as a Project Manager for Collaborative Projects. I lead a coaching community of practice at my workplace which I developed as part of my Masters. I dabble a bit in coaching outside of work but will likely do more as I complete my Masters. I have big goals for myself, there are no limits to what is possible.

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