My Healthy Obsession

A friend shared this with me on Facebook with a message “you nailed this one my friend” I thought it fit well with my blog today

My healthy obsession will seem unhealthy to many opposed to the scale but for me I have figured out there are times in my life that I need to revisit my healthy obsession with the scale.

I will explain….

I know, without a doubt, if I had not checked in daily on the scale during the two years of my weight loss I would not have been as consistent and focused. I tried and tested this over the years, always ending up back to daily check ins to stay committed and get the job done.  There just seems to be an all-business mentality that takes over in me when I do this.

When I entered the world of maintenance I went back and worth on how to manage my weight eventually deciding with just a couple check ins during the week. That worked for me when I was active and able to stick to my routines for eating and fitness, for the most part.

When I first had my surgery, I had checked in daily at first, so worried about gaining weight with not being able to do fitness, but this was making me very depressed and too focused and obsessed about something I have no control over right now.  I am so grateful for this surgery but that entire experience was way harder than I had imagined it would be on me mentally.

All that said, with my 10lbs weight gain post-surgery I have been trying to lose the weight with little success.  I was finding that because I was still just checking in a couple days a week I just was not as mentally committed as I should be.  My week days are always great and then my weekends will end up having a drink or two or a dinner out and BAM! I am getting no where again for another week…. So, after some frustrating Friday weigh ins, and another 3lbs gain because of “Thanks-giving” (Yah, thanks for that 3lbs, lol) I had had it! Whether you need to lose 200lbs or 10lbs, a pound is just as hard to lose and just as important.  I decided the only way I was going to get it done was to go back to my healthy obsession with the scale. It’s temporary, I know I only need to do this until I am back to my goal weight, with an active lifestyle I can eventually get back to my maintenance routines.

I have been living like this again since Friday and I am already down 4lbs, this makes me insanely happy and gives me so much motivation, it reminds me of how I felt going through my journey.  I am pretty pleased how easy it was for me to go back to that disciplined approach after almost a year of maintenance.  I set a goal to be down 10lbs by the middle of November  and I will likely hit that but more importantly I realized that on Dec 4, 2016 it will be one year since I hit goal weight with Weight Watchers so most importantly I will be at my goal weight to celebrate one year!




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