Getting Comfortable in My Own Skin

Top two are late March 2017 — Bottom three are today after breakfast ūüôā

For the past couple weeks and even more so this week I have found myself super self conscious about my extra skin. It’s so frustrating to know I am making gains at the gym, I know I am – I see it, but I have been so dragged down with negative thoughts about how I look to others. I have avoided sharing before and after pictures since I started with my coach Corey because they kind of make me feel bad about myself, to be honest. ¬†But as I sit here feeling pretty shitty about myself, I reminded myself that I started this blog to document my entire journey; the good, the bad and the ugly… and my legs are ugly which is why there are no recent pictures of those suckers yet. (baby steps) I am 7 weeks into my program with my coach Corey and I am seeing huge results- which is AWESOME! ¬†I am losing body fat but as I expected the skin is sagging even more.

On one hand, I could tell myself it looks a bit better because the skin isn’t as fatty anymore but the reality is the skin just hangs there. I often look at other women working out and¬†admire their nice muscles and I think to myself, people aren’t going to see that when the look at me. They are going to be thinking, hmm… what’s her story why does she have shit falling out all over the place. LOL It’s not funny but I have to just laugh because the only other option would be to cry out of pure frustration.

So this isn’t meant to be a pity party, but I do like to keep shit real here and the reality is this is me and I need to be comfortable in my own skin. ¬†This picture isn’t about vanity, its about keeping track and keeping me in check of how much work I have done. ¬†Skin or no skin at least I am building muscle and getting stronger.

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