Peeling the layers – Getting to the Core

Peeling the layers of an onion, is what I think of when I think about how my transformation has taken place over the past few years.

The first layer was dry and hard, protecting the layers underneath. The onion had lost context to what was under those layers for many years.

When the onion peeled off the second layer, this was opening itself up to what may be possible. The second layer was tentative, guarded but hopeful.

The next layer really started to get into the meat of the onion. Things started to get exciting but there were still many layers to go, in many ways this was the easy part; not too dry and hard anymore but not yet able to get to the core. Sense of what to explore more.

The fourth layer, oh the excitement is building, the onion is getting close to core and things are starting to take shape. But with excitement comes confusion. The onion no longer looks like an onion, what is it? Confusion sets in. The onion needs to figure out who it is.

Pause. The onion steps back a bit and stops peeling layers. Time to sort out if it is still an onion or perhaps it has morphed into something else, who am I?


Peeling off the final layer, exposing the core. The onion now recognizes that in fact, it is the same onion that was first planted. Over time the layers had covered up the good meat of the onion but now we see the onion for who it is.

I am whole; I am beautiful!

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