Don’t Wait for New Years to Set Goals

Don’t be so quick to jump on the New Year’s resolution band wagon. In reality, every day is an opportunity to make a small change to work towards a long-term goal so why put all that pressure on yourself and that one date. I am sure you have things that you want to achieve all year long, so waiting a few days for what? Starting something on January 1st isn’t going to make you more successful, your dedication to that goal is what determines your success, not the day you start it on.

2018 was a big year for me, it was a year full of reflection, learning, changes, challenges, victories, not so victorious moments, and overcoming deep rooted habits and stories. But I didn’t sit down on January 1st and commit to those same goals, I was actually busy knee deep in some serious self-sabotage a year ago, so the fact I was able to still make many changes this year has really nothing to do with a New Year’s resolution and any goals I had set then probably are no longer something I am focusing on now.

When I look back at my year I made a lot of changes; changed jobs, signed up for fitness and nutritional coaching after that serious self-sabotage I mentioned earlier, decided to keep going with my schooling to complete my Masters (Jan 2020), learned the power of reflection and mindfulness, learned about the impact of habits (good and bad), I stopped doing things I no longer enjoyed, started doing more of what I enjoy to do. These are all powerful things to me, and they were nowhere on my radar on January 1, 2018 but things change, goals change, I constantly changing.  Change is growth.

So, as you sit and ponder on what you want to commit to in 2019 think about what your long-term goals are. Where are you now in respect to that goal? What are some small things you can start doing now to work towards that goal? By reflecting on your goals, you start to picture what it would be like to achieve those goals. Once you can imagine success, you are geared to succeed. Will you have more success with those goals if you wait until January 1st? Unlikely, however it is important to get grounded and make sure you are ready to set that goal and start working towards it.


Published by robynnedevine

I am a strong confident woman. I am a mom of 3 three amazing children, married to my BFF of 25 years, who loves weight training, yoga, hiking, cycling, and sometimes still the odd run. I am currently completing a MA in Interdisciplinary Studies with a specialization in Leadership in Organizational Culture at Royal Roads University, which will be completed in January 2020. I am currently working in higher education for BCcampus as a Project Manager for Collaborative Projects. I lead a coaching community of practice at my workplace which I developed as part of my Masters. I dabble a bit in coaching outside of work but will likely do more as I complete my Masters. I have big goals for myself, there are no limits to what is possible.

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