#FlexFriday Brings Changes

This week marks a couple big changes for me. First, this week will be my last check in with my Fitness and Nutrition Coach Corey. I have mixed feelings about this and it was totally my decision yet…. I am freaking out too. I know I am ready to fly solo, at my request heContinue reading “#FlexFriday Brings Changes”

Routines and Goals – My Sanity!

I know it’s been a while since I did a post so I thought it was time for me to do an update on my progress. Although I am still working on my shoulder issues things seem be getting better to the point that I have been able to get back into somewhat of aContinue reading “Routines and Goals – My Sanity!”

New Year – New Outlook

So, 2016 didn’t turn out to be the best year ever for me. Sure, I finally got that beauty tummy tuck, and I will be forever grateful for that but the year came with a lot of ups and downs and pretty much consisted of me being off my routine either due to recovering fromContinue reading “New Year – New Outlook”

Three Years Later #transformationtuesday

  It will be one year this weekend since I hit my goal weight with Weight Watchers and almost three years since it all started. I cannot believe how much has happened over the past few years.  I created a video to capture my last few years of this amazing journey. My last year in reviewContinue reading “Three Years Later #transformationtuesday”

(Life) Becoming bigger than losing 200lbs

As I settle into this new life of “that person that lost 200lbs” one thing is becoming more glaringly obvious to me, I have this deep feeling that I am supposed to do more with this accomplishment. Losing the weight was beyond, life changing, but I feel like there is something even bigger calling atContinue reading “(Life) Becoming bigger than losing 200lbs”

My Healthy Obsession

My healthy obsession will seem unhealthy to many opposed to the scale but for me I have figured out there are times in my life that I need to revisit my healthy obsession with the scale. I will explain…. I know, without a doubt, if I had not checked in daily on the scale duringContinue reading “My Healthy Obsession”

3 Weeks Post-Op – Feeling Fantastic!

I had my third post op appointment today and he removed the tape from my stitches. I can not believe as the swelling is going down how it is looking.  He removed the tape that was put on my incisions the day of my surgery.  They did reapply a tape that I can remove whenContinue reading “3 Weeks Post-Op – Feeling Fantastic!”

#WeightWatchers – Missing My Milestones….

You lost 205lbs, so what – no one cares…. Not really but this is how I am feeling these days. I think it was addictive to have something to reach towards and all the accolades along the way with those goals. So this post is a selfish one, it’s a vent and a reflection toContinue reading “#WeightWatchers – Missing My Milestones….”