#WeightWatchers – Making it Official!

Making it Official! After I blogged on Tuesday that I had hit my goal weight by weighing in at home I was contacted my some of my friends in the Weight Watchers community encouraging me to still attend a Weight Watchers weigh in so it is official to them which is necessary to get lifetime membership. IContinue reading “#WeightWatchers – Making it Official!”

Goals I set for myself!

I have been feeling a little lost since I completed my first half-marathon in October. I have continued to run and have started back into workouts for my core and arms. I have registered to run in the Vancouver Island Running Association (VIRA) series which will have 7 races over the south island between January to April,Continue reading “Goals I set for myself!”

Road to Goal Weight – Roller Coaster anyone?

I am getting the sense that reaching my goal weight and then heading into maintenance is going to be a roller coaster of emotions. Right now I am feeling good but I am getting the sense that this will fluctuated along with my weight. I have been able to sort out how I was feelingContinue reading “Road to Goal Weight – Roller Coaster anyone?”