Change Your Mind – Change Your Life

How set are you on the decisions you make at a certain point in your life? How open are you at reevaluating or changing your mind? So many of us limit our options because decisions we make at a certain point in our lives due circumstances or what serves us at that time but doesContinue reading “Change Your Mind – Change Your Life”

To Be Coached or Not to be Coached…

As my last blog for 2018 I can’t help but reflect back on my year. It’s been probably my most turbulent year since I started focusing on my health. I have said before that losing 200lbs was the easy part, it’s learning to live in my new current reality, that has been by far theContinue reading “To Be Coached or Not to be Coached…”

My Tips on Eating Healthy!

I recently posted a picture of some lunch meat I had prepared into servings and a few people asked me to post some tips that I do to help stay on track.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to talk about the things that I do do and the things that maybe IContinue reading “My Tips on Eating Healthy!”

Healthy Perspective!

As many of you know, life post weight loss has been an adjustment for me. I struggled with not having a goal to have to achieve when it comes to weight loss. I am still trying to find a balance between monitoring my weight and maintaining the 2lbs to stay on track in the worldContinue reading “Healthy Perspective!”

Trigger Foods; Identify Them – Avoid Them

I always knew that the day I made the decision to lose my weight and change the way I live had to be a lifestyle change. In previous years I would start a “diet” to get to that place so I could go back to what I enjoyed eating and drinking. The day I startedContinue reading “Trigger Foods; Identify Them – Avoid Them”