Frustrations; Finding Patience!

I started this blog so I would always have it to reflect back on when I needed it or to put my thoughts down when I need to clear my mind and reset my focus. So this blog today is for me, I need to regroup and reset my focus. As I mentioned in myContinue reading “Frustrations; Finding Patience!”

How I was able to lose 205lbs!

Why and How This Time? I am asked constantly why and how this time I was able to lose all my weight and keep it off. I always thought of this as such a tough question but after reflecting there are some differences from this time from all the other times I tried but failed. The biggest thingContinue reading “How I was able to lose 205lbs!”

Reaching Goals, One Step at a Time! #Running #WeightWatchers

Well after 4 months of training I finally ran my first half marathon. It was as physically difficult as I thought it was going to be but maybe even a little harder mentally than I thought it was going to be. I was happy with my prep leading up the race, I ate what IContinue reading “Reaching Goals, One Step at a Time! #Running #WeightWatchers”

Challenging Times – But Fun Times!

  The past several weeks my weigh ins have been a bit of a yo-yo. I had had my first gain in early June which I handled well considering it was my first since I started weight watchers 18 months ago. I think it was almost a relief to not have that pressure to sustainContinue reading “Challenging Times – But Fun Times!”

My Community

I am learning that I have a very large community of support all around me. I have always known I have family and friends but what has really become apparent to me lately is my community through my fitness and healthier lifestyle. My community consists of; family and friends, work colleagues, weight watchers, bloggers and myContinue reading “My Community”

Taking the good with the bad!

I have had an interesting couple weeks since my last blog post. I have been battling injuries since the first week of January, which has made working out some weeks, not possible. Of course, going from doing several activities in a day, to having to sit around is frustrating and a dangerous place mentally forContinue reading “Taking the good with the bad!”

Getting Ready for the Holidays!

With the holidays quickly approaching and life feeling a bit chaotic I am trying to stay grounded in my routines. This week I managed to get all my workouts in but last week I wasn’t able to and it definitely affected my mental health. I now understand what it is like to feel like youContinue reading “Getting Ready for the Holidays!”