Vacations-The Ultimate Reward for Hard Work

Yesterday I booked our first sunny vacation since I was 24 years old – I am now 48 years old. 24 years since I had a real vacation – that is insane!! When people ask me why it has taken me so long to go on vacation, I think to myself, how many times haveContinue reading “Vacations-The Ultimate Reward for Hard Work”

#TransformationTuesday -The Transformation is Beautiful – The Journey Never Ends

The transformation or the journey never really ends. That is what I am learning as I continue to navigate my new life. The transformation is beautiful, the journey is fun but it never will really end for me. I think early on I always thought of this as once I get to that weight IContinue reading “#TransformationTuesday -The Transformation is Beautiful – The Journey Never Ends”

Wholy MACRO Change is good!

Well after two years, 1 month I have decided to track a different way. It was a tough decision and one I do with caution. So much caution that I have yet to cancel my online membership but I feel like I am on the right track so far. I have decided to track myContinue reading “Wholy MACRO Change is good!”

My Healthy Obsession

My healthy obsession will seem unhealthy to many opposed to the scale but for me I have figured out there are times in my life that I need to revisit my healthy obsession with the scale. I will explain…. I know, without a doubt, if I had not checked in daily on the scale duringContinue reading “My Healthy Obsession”

My Tips on Eating Healthy!

I recently posted a picture of some lunch meat I had prepared into servings and a few people asked me to post some tips that I do to help stay on track.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to talk about the things that I do do and the things that maybe IContinue reading “My Tips on Eating Healthy!”

Trigger Foods; Identify Them – Avoid Them

I always knew that the day I made the decision to lose my weight and change the way I live had to be a lifestyle change. In previous years I would start a “diet” to get to that place so I could go back to what I enjoyed eating and drinking. The day I startedContinue reading “Trigger Foods; Identify Them – Avoid Them”

#WeightWatchers – Missing My Milestones….

You lost 205lbs, so what – no one cares…. Not really but this is how I am feeling these days. I think it was addictive to have something to reach towards and all the accolades along the way with those goals. So this post is a selfish one, it’s a vent and a reflection toContinue reading “#WeightWatchers – Missing My Milestones….”

Training Hiccups

Training hiccups happen to everyone and after some more appointments to try and get my hip and hip flexors sorted out I have been advised to step away from running until it’s sorted out. I have bursitis on my right hip and running is making it very angry. My RMT noticed that my left legContinue reading “Training Hiccups”

Identity Crisis – Who am I?

Identity Crisis – Who am I? It’s so scary that you can lose 205lbs and still forget that you are not that obese person anymore. As the dust settles, no more milestones to reach that are related to weight loss, just settling into living life as an average sized active person. Seems simple right? It’sContinue reading “Identity Crisis – Who am I?”

#Weight Watchers 2 Years later- Lifetime Member

Well today was one of the best days yet in this journey.  Today I achieved my lifetime member status with Weight Watchers exactly 2 years to the Sunday that I started my journey with Weight Watchers online. 205lbs later and lighter, it feels fucking amazing!  Sorry, but that is about the only way I canContinue reading “#Weight Watchers 2 Years later- Lifetime Member”