Let Nothing Stop You!

Stress can be a real buzz kill. For me, when I am stressed it really impacts my ability to make sound choices. The past few weeks have been a good reminder that we are never bullet proof. No matter how much I have learned through my journey I will have moments where I fail toContinue reading “Let Nothing Stop You!”

Fear – What Is Holding You Back?

Fear, it can control pretty much everything we do. What fearful story are you telling yourself? Fear used to control my life, fear of failure, fear to put myself out there and fear of what people will think.  I am now 47 years old and when I reflect back on my life and think aboutContinue reading “Fear – What Is Holding You Back?”

The Uncomfortable Quiet!

The Uncomfortable Quiet! The last couple weeks have been a real challenge for me mentally. I wouldn’t have thought not running or at least running a lot less would have as much of an impact as it has. Today I was actually able to run 7km, it was supposed to be a 5km run but my bodyContinue reading “The Uncomfortable Quiet!”