Goals I set for myself!

I have been feeling a little lost since I completed my first half-marathon in October. I have continued to run and have started back into workouts for my core and arms. I have registered to run in the Vancouver Island Running Association (VIRA) series which will have 7 races over the south island between January to April,Continue reading “Goals I set for myself!”

Tough Mudder – Go Time!

It’s GO Time!! Well after all the waiting it’s finally time to head to Whistler for Tough Mudder next week. It seems like forever ago that we signed our team up for Tough Mudder Whistler 2015. The Hopeful Finishers are going to get it done! On our team is my husband Trevor, my cousin Lindsay’sContinue reading “Tough Mudder – Go Time!”

TC10K – Feeling Ready!

I am getting so excited for the TC10K! Although this isn’t my first race, it’s the first time I feel like a real runner going into this run. Even the Bazan Bay run, I was only running 4 minutes walking 1 minute. I was so happy with my run that day but by the time IContinue reading “TC10K – Feeling Ready!”

My Community

I am learning that I have a very large community of support all around me. I have always known I have family and friends but what has really become apparent to me lately is my community through my fitness and healthier lifestyle. My community consists of; family and friends, work colleagues, weight watchers, bloggers and myContinue reading “My Community”

First Run for 2015

Today I ran in my first event for 2015. It was also my first run in the VIRA Series. This year I decided to approach my running differently, rather than “sort of training” then just entering events with the expectation that I will be able to just go out and run a 5km, I joinedContinue reading “First Run for 2015”

Gaining Momentum – Losing Weight!

After a few frustrating weeks of no exercise and no weight loss I have been able to get back at my exercising and the weight is coming off at a steady pace. I am quickly approaching my last goal of 220 lbs which I was hoping to reach by March 6 but it looks likeContinue reading “Gaining Momentum – Losing Weight!”