I Love My New Tummy!

Today I went for my second follow up appointment since my tummy tuck so I thought today would be a great day to share how I am feeling post surgery about my procedure. For those that only follow me on my blog you may not know that my operation went great. The doctor and IContinue reading “I Love My New Tummy!”

Today is the Day!

Well by the time you see this post I should be well in the middle of my surgery to finally get rid of my extra skin from my weight loss, well in the tummy area at least. Leading up to this day I have spent a great deal of time reflecting on how far IContinue reading “Today is the Day!”

The Uncomfortable Quiet!

The Uncomfortable Quiet! The last couple weeks have been a real challenge for me mentally. I wouldn’t have thought not running or at least runningĀ a lotĀ less would have as much of an impact as it has. Today I was actually able to run 7km, it was supposed to be a 5km run but my bodyContinue reading “The Uncomfortable Quiet!”