Wholy MACRO Change is good!

Well after two years, 1 month I have decided to track a different way. It was a tough decision and one I do with caution. So much caution that I have yet to cancel my online membership but I feel like I am on the right track so far. I have decided to track myContinue reading “Wholy MACRO Change is good!”


            Today is Canada’s Thanksgiving so I thought I would do post on how Thankful I am to have the life I do today. I am thankful for my husband and children for being my constant cheerleaders pushing me up those mountains at 350lbs+ and telling me I can doContinue reading “Thankful”

Healthy Perspective!

As many of you know, life post weight loss has been an adjustment for me. I struggled with not having a goal to have to achieve when it comes to weight loss. I am still trying to find a balance between monitoring my weight and maintaining the 2lbs to stay on track in the worldContinue reading “Healthy Perspective!”

Connecting with My Community

At a time when I have been struggling with figuring things out in the world of maintenance I found a different community within Weight Watchers that I didn’t know existed. Last night I listened to the #Oprahcall and they kept talking about Connect. I had no idea this community existed, I am assuming it’s aContinue reading “Connecting with My Community”

#WeightWatchers – Missing My Milestones….

You lost 205lbs, so what – no one cares…. Not really but this is how I am feeling these days. I think it was addictive to have something to reach towards and all the accolades along the way with those goals. So this post is a selfish one, it’s a vent and a reflection toContinue reading “#WeightWatchers – Missing My Milestones….”

The Uncomfortable Quiet!

The Uncomfortable Quiet! The last couple weeks have been a real challenge for me mentally. I wouldn’t have thought not running or at least running a lot less would have as much of an impact as it has. Today I was actually able to run 7km, it was supposed to be a 5km run but my bodyContinue reading “The Uncomfortable Quiet!”

Surgery News!

Today I got a call from my surgeon’s office and as expected MSP has declined his request for the full body lift, Brachioplasty (arms) and the Thighplasty (legs) for me. They will cover the tummy tuck which we kind of already expected but we were hoping for more of course.  I believe my local MLA officeContinue reading “Surgery News!”

Beyond the Scale #WeightWatchers

With almost two months under my belt in the world of maintenance I wanted to share with the Weight Watchers community how I am finding life. I hit my goal weight the very same week Weight Watchers moved to their new program – “Beyond the Scale”. This change happening at the same time that IContinue reading “Beyond the Scale #WeightWatchers”

Down 206lbs – Time for Reflection!

Last night, for the first time, I sat down and re-read all of my blogs since the day I started Weight Watchers online. It was an emotional moment for me. I started on my first blog. To read how cautious I was about the start of my journey and so afraid to fail is a reminder ofContinue reading “Down 206lbs – Time for Reflection!”

Accountable to me Only!

So the past few days I have been feeling kind of down and unmotivated. It hasn’t stopped me from doing my routine exercise but it has been weighing on me mentally which will eventually take it’s toll if I don’t sort it out. This past weekend I went away with my family for Halloween. ItContinue reading “Accountable to me Only!”