Just Keep #Running ….

The last few weeks have been pretty frustrating for me with my training. I was down and out with a head cold for most of one week as well I have been having some issues with my hip/leg. Well actually, apparently my #6 & 7 rib is out of line which is causing issues withContinue reading “Just Keep #Running ….”

#bcpoli – A message for our Health Minister

Dear Mr. Terry Lake, My name is Robynne Devine, I am 44 years old living in Victoria, BC. By January 2014 I weighted 378lbs, I was depressed and lived in a very dark place mentally. I can’t say for sure what clicked for me other than knowing I was watching my kids grow up andContinue reading “#bcpoli – A message for our Health Minister”

REPEAT this – I am running my first half-marathon!

The past few days I have been doing a lot of thinking about my life today versus not even 2 years ago. I have so many things to be grateful for and so many things to look forward too. My First Half-Marathon: Next weekend I will be running my first half marathon. I still sitContinue reading “REPEAT this – I am running my first half-marathon!”

Find your Super Woman – Nothing is Impossible!

  Nothing like a morning Moksha yoga class to reset your mind and allow you to think a little clearer, process thoughts and get grounded. Lately with more and more people learning about my weight loss I often get asked how much it has changed life or how or what made me do it. YesterdayContinue reading “Find your Super Woman – Nothing is Impossible!”

Challenging Times – But Fun Times!

  The past several weeks my weigh ins have been a bit of a yo-yo. I had had my first gain in early June which I handled well considering it was my first since I started weight watchers 18 months ago. I think it was almost a relief to not have that pressure to sustainContinue reading “Challenging Times – But Fun Times!”

From 378lbs to 189lbs – Losing Half of Myself!

From 378 lbs to 189 lbs – Losing Half of Myself! I have been waiting for this day for a long time.  When I realized I would be losing more than half of myself by the time I reached my goal weight, I thought how funny it will be the day I hit the “halfContinue reading “From 378lbs to 189lbs – Losing Half of Myself!”

Tough Mudder – Go Time!

It’s GO Time!! Well after all the waiting it’s finally time to head to Whistler for Tough Mudder next week. It seems like forever ago that we signed our team up for Tough Mudder Whistler 2015. The Hopeful Finishers are going to get it done! On our team is my husband Trevor, my cousin Lindsay’sContinue reading “Tough Mudder – Go Time!”

Hello Onderland!

Today I said goodbye to the 200’s.  I still remember the weigh in last summer that I said goodbye to the 300’s and hello to the 200’s. I wish I had started blogging at that point, it would be nice to have that now to look back on and reflect on how far I haveContinue reading “Hello Onderland!”

TC10K – My first 10K Race

Well as most of you know from my many facebook updates (#overposter, sorry) I completed my first 10K race this past weekend when I participated in the TC10K. I love these races, I always learn something new about either the race itself or myself. This weekend I learned that I am faster and stronger thanContinue reading “TC10K – My first 10K Race”

TC10K – Feeling Ready!

I am getting so excited for the TC10K! Although this isn’t my first race, it’s the first time I feel like a real runner going into this run. Even the Bazan Bay run, I was only running 4 minutes walking 1 minute. I was so happy with my run that day but by the time IContinue reading “TC10K – Feeling Ready!”