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What Defines Failure?

How do I define failure? I have been reflecting on this question a lot lately. The past several months has been less than awesome for me. I have shared a bit here about some of the things going on in my life and some I haven’t. As I have mentioned in a previous blog my …


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Coaching for Personal and Professional Development

Coaching will help you stay focused and working towards a goal. Often we have areas we want to work on but don’t know where to start. Coaching will help you better identify the goal, reflect on the current reality, and help you identify and work towards opportunities or options that help you achieve your goals. 

Whether your goal is to get healthy, find balance, manage stress, for development, improve relationships at work or personally, build your business, make a dream a reality; goal setting gives you the ability to successfully work towards those goals.

Coaching can take place either face to face, if in the Victoria area, or virtually in Google Hangouts.

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Creating a Coaching Culture

As a leader, do you want to bring a coaching culture into your organization or team? Do you want your members to communicate, connect, develop leadership skills, and perform better? Implementing a peer coaching community of practice can do all of these things over time.

Sounds like a lot of work? Don’t worry I have you covered. Implementing a Peer Coaching Community of Practice at your organization or team involves several steps which I have developed, implemented, and proven successful.

For more information on creating a Peer Coaching Community of Practice in your organization or team, email:

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About Me

I recently completed her Master of Arts in interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in leadership and organizational culture at Royal Roads University. As part of my Masters, I focused on leadership strategies, such as coaching and creative problem-solving. I currently lead a peer coaching community of practice at BCcampus where I work as a Project Manager. I also provide personal and professional coaching in the evenings and weekends. Coaching is something that not only helps people develop leadership skills, but it helps with performance, develop listening skills, self-awareness and accountability, and empowers individuals to take action to achieve their own goals whether that is professional or personal. As a goal oriented person, coaching was something that I really enjoy doing but also value for myself as I continue to work on my own goals.

My personal backstory. I originally started this as a blog for me to reflect and process my weight loss journey. After losing 205lbs, I was more confident and able to focus on myself and my own goals. If I hadn’t lost my weight, I would never of had the confidence in myself to start my learning journey. What I took away from that experience was the power of setting goals. Setting a goal is more than having an intention of doing but it also includes finding concrete ways to help you reach those goals. This is why I took an interest in coaching, coaching is not having someone tell you what you need to do, It helps you explore your options and identify your inner motivations to achieve those goals.

Whether it be personal or professional, both have proven to be successful for me and I would now like to help you achieve your goals.